about me

Hi, My Name is Nikhil Sunka

I'am an International Student from India, My Major is Computing informatics with a minor of compter Science and a concentrating with Data analytics,I'm a senior (add something more in this)

I'm a very out going person.


I did my School & high School from King George School, after graduating from High School, I went to college in Kirti College of Arts, Sciene & Commerce, then i started my undergrad from Vidyalankar School of Information Technology, in this university i got an offer to join Cal State Monterey Bay, i did 1.5 years in Cal State then i transfered to Rowan in My Senior Year.


As much as I would like to say I was a brilliant kid with a talent for Computer Science, I wasn't. I wouldn't be anywhere without the help of my Mom and Dad. My parents are the reason I am where I am today