Nikhil Sunka

My Projects

My Portfolio Website

This was a midterm project from my Advanced Web programming class. I Made a wesbite using Jekyll themes and markdown and hosted it on Github pages.


OpenDDS(Team :- The Flamingo)

The purpose of this “OpenDDS” project is to develop an OpenDDS service library that will exchange messages with a black-box system, consisting a publisher application, a subscriber application and with necessary QOS (Quality of Service) configuration files. A receiver application will simulate the closed system while allowing 3rd party publisher applications to communicate with it. We Developed in C++ to build a Data Distribution Center to create a prototype for “ASRC Federal Mission Solutions”, The Sponsor of this project is “Kevin Tooley”.


Otter Airways Reservation System App

Accountable for building an Airways Reservation System App using Java and Android Studio. Developed a functional feature of User Registration/Modifications Including Website Management and Administration of User Data.


Arduino Portable Game Console

This was a project from CST 337 (Computer Architecture Class, Project Group 4 people, decided to make a Gaming Console. We named it as “IRevolution” Light Excel 3.0.2 players can play at the same time with any gaming console. We installed Games like Mario Kart, and Mario, Pacman. I have provided a youtube link for the project.


Robotic Car

This Project was done during my High School with my Friends after Joining Robotic Course. Prepared an Electrical Working Remote Controlled Car.Understood and Learning the more about the Electronics, Transistors, Motor Winding etc



Nikhil Sunka