Wouldn't it be great if users had a choice between viewing ads or paying for content?

Satotious is an alternative funding model for the web using micropayments on the Bitcoin Lightning Network.

Why we think the current model for the web is unsustainable.
Don't know about Bitcoin or the Lightning Network?

Introducing the Satotious Paywall

By adding a simple line of code to your site, the Satotious Paywall gives users a choice between viewing ads or paying for content. Get rewarded for your work.

Simple to use and setup. Add a paywall to your site in 5 minutes.

Add a new way to monetise content with the Bitcoin Lightning Network.

Offer ad option for users who cannot or prefer not to pay.

Stops adblockers and bots with ad captchas.

All content is stored on your page, we don't host or access your content.

Works on static sites, Wordpress, or your favourite CMS.


The Satotious Times

Saturday January 3 2021

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