The Broken Web

The enormous amount of information that we can freely access on the internet is made possible through advertising and tracking. Publishers need to be able to monetise their sites and displaying ads has seemed like a good trade off. But is it sustainable and is it worth our privacy?

Increased use of adblocker is taking its toll on this system. As a result, subscription-only paywalls are gaining in popularity which have negative consequences for both consumers and publishers: consumers face restricted access to the web as it is unaffordable to pay for numerous subscriptions and businesses are losing potential clients. Whilst many sites remain free at this stage it may not be financially feasible for much longer and we will witness even more newspapers, magazines and blogs disappear behind subscription-only paywalls.

When browsing websites that rely on advertisements, users are inundated with ads which are eerily relevant to our needs and interests. We are being pervasively tracked, and it is becoming ever more alarming how valuable and powerful our data can be.

The quality of our journalism is taking a beating as clickbait style news has been such an efficient way to make money. Users waste their time chasing headlines that are designed purely for getting clicks; they tend not to deliver with content and often simply lead to more advertising.

Unless we want our experience of the internet to be a choice between constant ads and tracking, or paying a subscription to every site we deem worthwhile: we need a better solution.

What’s the solution?

We want to improve the ecosystem of the web by giving publishers; a new stream of revenue, advertisers; a higher return of investment, and users; more choice and privacy.

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